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November 2010

Frühes Thanksgiving

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my first time in Augsburg with a decent handle on German. i am surprised and excited by how it went. with Leonie it’s especially wonderful and easy. we can switch back and forth between English and German pretty naturally, and i spoke more German with her than English. at our early Thanksgiving dinner i saw Nora and Vinz for the first time, and we didn’t schaf a lot of Deutsch; but the next day over coffee, Nora and i spoke quite a lot of German. then Nora said,

„see? wir können es schaffen.“ pause. „und es ist nur ein bisschen komisch.“

„was denn?“ fragte ich. „meinst du, auf Deutsch mit mir zu reden?“

„ja. nur ein bisschen.“

naturally she’s right – it is a little weird to speak German together, after two and a half years of English. but i’m at the point where we can do it. it is still hard to talk to more than one person; the conversation tends to run very quickly for me, and either i get lost or don’t have quite enough time to react. but it’s immer besser.

Augsburg is getting gussied up for Weihnachten (Christmas). on the way to catch my train back to Berlin, Leonie and i walked through the Christkindlmarkt. “Christmas always makes me not cynical,” she said. she is convinced that she’s generally cynical, but i don’t totally believe that. we had a really wonderful few days together. on Saturday we went to the Lamm (one of the few Aux clubs/bars) for a singer/songwriter contest and Mieze, who’s working with Leonie on her pop-theater-project AUXTSCH, won. we got up early Sunday to go to church in the little Dorf where Leonie’s Oma lives. the morning was foggy and cold (much colder right now in Southern Germany than in Berlin).

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Independence Day

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i had fully intended to celebrate a sort of personal Independence Day on 2. November. one year ago on that day, i left Pittsburgh. it was one of the most difficult decisions i've ever made. it has turned out to be one of the best. i meant to have a beer and oh, i don't know what else. but i just realized i forgot to watch Dexter this week, too.

i'm working on finding a rhythm; working on being motivated when i have so much unstructured time. i do feel -- good. like there are a lot of ideas in my head. a LOT. my Avant-Garde American Theatre class, while not a good influence on my German (i have to read way more for that class every week than all my others combined, and all in English), is a good influence on my brain. we've set up a system for creative production for Farms and Fables as an attempt to find our footing as a creative ensemble and to start to generate material. i did get some writing done today. i'm moving forward.

there are other things i want to do. start climbing at T-Hall. try to take part in this puppet workshop.

and things i need to do. like get my visa. still.

oh, procrastination...

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